Who is this @paramssharma ?

I draw rectangles for a living. Four yeas ago I came across graphic design while figuring out what excites me, I eventually came across product design and ended up interning at Josh talks.

I was a teen when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and change the world like the ones that inspired me. So, I decided that the best way to achieve my dream was by joining startups and learning from them. Fortunately, I landed an internship as a product designer which took me to Bangalore - a dream come true for any startup geek.

I've been working at Josh Talks for the past 1.5 years and shipped products to thousands of users. I was a part of the zero-to-one phase at Josh

There's no greater feeling than watching something you created to improve people's lives. I was ecstatic when I launched my first product into the world.

What I've been upto lately? Find out.

Oh, and I love to photograph.